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XP essential Ger keyboard problem


after installed Windows XP Essential US it was not possible to install a german Keyboard via
"Regional and Language/o ptions"/Languages/Details/Installed Services"
only US / Dvorak a.s.o. could be selected .

Solution:  install german keyboard dll and register

1.get kbdgr.dll from WinXP ger system32
2.copy in WINXP-Es to system32 AND to system32dllcache
3. run regedit and insert new key with values of
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlKeyboard Layouts�0000407
Letzter Schreibzugriff: 18.03.2005 - 20:01
Wert 0
Name: Layout File

Wert 1
Name: Layout Text
Daten: Deutsch

Wert 2
Name: Layout Display Name
Daten: @%SystemRoot%system32input.dll,-5011

or copy the following text to a textfile name "kbdgrdll.reg" :

"Layout File"="KBDGR.DLL"
"Layout Text"="Deutsch"
"Layout Display Name"="@%SystemRoot%system32input.dll,-5011"
and install it

4. Open Regional and Language /Languages/Detail
and Add in "Installed Services" : Keyboard German
5. deletel US with US-Keyboard
6. Logoff / logon

.......................................................test it and be happy...

Microsoft Keyboad Layout Creator
Tastaturbelegungen gen+slavic+rus (in german)
Keyboard Layout Manger (free)




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silly snippets

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Boot Compact Flash

trying to install compact flash as bootmedium into laptop Itronix IX250

256MB RAM Celeron 700Mhz

1 .no floppy

2. no cdrom

3. no hdu

tests :

1.1 USBstick formatted/prepared with HP-tool (format USB-stick as Floppy)

! NOT recognised by IX250 whilst bootin (Bios floppy dis/enabled)

1.2. copy Win2k installed on 2.d IX250 to CIF by GHost11

! no boot

1.2.1. mbr repair with different tools -> no boot

boot record found by bios...stuck in boot

2.0 mount CDROM from 2.nd IX250 install Light2K.iso to 4GB CIF

format FAT32 to existing partition 3.8GB

2.1. setup 1 stage ok..booting..Win2k for further setup

2.2 setup SP4 with Light2k.iso...

2.3 driver..keyboard-mouse-...abt 150 imns

!! boot BLuescreen !!

2.4 try : partition copy with Paragon Diskmanager from IX250.2->Flash by USB-HDU adapter...running abt 45mins...finished on CIF2

...start--boot-ntldr missing-

boot from CD-Repair mode-fixmbr + fixboot

! message: bootrecord was damaged

test boot : NTLDR missing:

Reboot from CDRom Win2K prof repair...


3.0 attempt to install from Win2Ke 3in1 CD WIN2Ke-gcmw1n2k3to1 ISO burned to CD /RW (again problms with laptop to clear RW

3.1 inst. startetd Win2k pro
Setup display :...copying file..installing devices..performing final tasks (Installs startmenu items..Registers components(70mins)..Save Settings(25mins)..Remove temp.files used)..finished (abt3hrs)

3.2 boot....NT-screen..load..bluescreen..reset

3.3 try safe mode (F8)....crash-reboot

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start planning March 2007

realisation start : Sept. 2007

location : Marina Trizonia Island Greece

position : N38° 22' 13" E 022° 04' 33"

postal adress :



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